Turn a hobby into a business? Why not!

So here is the story of Maison 34 and how it started -

I always liked to design things when I was little. Painting, crochet, tufting, pottery, and even making clothes. I think because my parents noticed that I could not focus on one thing for so long but I could stay for hours when I was doing crafts. That's why they gave me the freedom to paint the house and allowed me to cut my mom's dresses to remake something new (of course not her favorite pieces).

The interesting fact was, I graduated in science, not arts. Maybe I could not focus on reading literal things. However, part of me still wanted to continue to do design.

After watching Maison Martin Margiela's 90s documentary, I was so touched by his show. So I decided to go to fashion school to continue my design hobby. I had acquired technical skills from design school and elevated my taste while learning from the fashion industry.
I became a fashion stylist afterward and developed myself in the real industry covering fashion styling, photoshoots, branding, marketing, and E-commerce.

But things always change. I started to look into something during the pandemic and off-duty. Something could bring me calm and self-concentrated again. I went to some candle-making classes randomly and found it was very relaxed and enjoyable. So I started to make candles and gift them to my loved ones. 

One day after my friend bought some candles from me to gift to her friends. I was thinking why couldn't I just start my own candle business. Then something amazing happened: I started to design my store logo and created a business plan. Gathered the information from local candle suppliers and stores. Tested all different materials, scents and candle-making ways. After almost 6-month preparation, I am launching my candle brand in April 2022.

Welcome to Maison 34✨✨✨

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